About The Cottage Langkawi

Honestly, we like to equate your stay in our small guest houses akin to humility and humbleness. The Cottage Langkawi offers a myriad of rooms including normal Backpackers Hostel with ceiling fan. We have rooms categorised under Cottage, Standard and Budget. All rooms come with air conditions. Although breakfast is not provided, coffee & tea, hot and cold drinking water are always at your disposal 24/7.

If you like rustic and quaint countryside and you don't mind humbling yourselves, you will love our small guest houses. We are located in a peaceful, somewhat laidback 'kampong' (village) settings, about 150m from the main Chenang beach road. It is the natural setting of a place you can call home. You can see roosters scratching for food and even cattle roaming freely. In fact, listening to the birds chirping at the break of dawn or the sounds of crickets and frogs in the wee of night are an added sweet pleasure to the ears. Moreover, you'd thoroughly enjoy those quiet walks with your friends and companions to the villages nearby to take a peek on the lives of the rural folks or just snap a postcard-perfect photo of the natural setting of the Chenang beach or of the villages.

If you tire yourselves, drop by at the Chenang main street to sip our local "teh tarik" (white tea concoction) coffee or local mocktails. The main street, inundated with fancy but affordable restaurants and shops, is quite fashionable with tourists as well as locals who are always looking for some action or do some needful shopping. Needless to say, this area is a great place to connect with other travellers.

Just to share some background information, Langkawi is lovely tropical island paradise with hot and high humidity climate all year round. Temperatures are fairly consistent during the day, ranging between 30°C to 35°C; just right for you do your sunbathing although you need to use lots of sun tan lotions, At night, the temperature goes down between 28°C - 29°C. You will enjoy visiting Langkawi anytime of the year. During the day, expect sunshine lasting till late afternoon and overcast skies towards the evenings. Between April till August, the island enjoys a balance of sunshine and light rainfall, making it the coolest time to visit. Langkawi's weather generally produces the most rainfall between August and September, as a result of monsoon winds. Visitors in dry season, January to April can expect sun and more sun. A word of warning though, the continually wet and warm climate in Langkawi Island will get you in a bit of a bind as this period will see the swarming of buzzing and irritating mosquitoes. But do not worry, as we provide mosquito sprays in every room. Not only that, we carry out mosquito repellent sprays in our cottage and hostel when the sun goes down. If you go outdoors, please make sure you cover yourselves with a mosquito repellent ointment called the citronella.

By the way, our small guest house does not come in the form of swanky set-ups but rather it blends with nature perfectly well. We are sure that you'd love the nature to your heart content and you only need the basics during your stay, In short, the Cottage Langkawi is definitely made for you.